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how to proceed question

Hey everyone!

I have a quick question for a handmade book project (sorry, no pics yet) that I am working on, and I need some help with my next step. I have been been researching and doing a lot of source and material gathering for this project (as you can probably guess from the main "entry") for quite a while, and I don't want to mess up on a critical step or two.

Anyways, please help me figure out which order these steps should be in:

    → stretch watercolor paper
    → stain with tea and flatten the paper
    → punch the holes
    → draw and paint images, etc.
    → bind into the book

I am also wondering the following:

1. Do I need to stretch the watercolor paper if I am going to tea stain them?
2. Does it matter if I paint the images first or punch the holes first?

Any information and advice would be loved! ♥
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